Bible Defenders is a Windows platform game created by AV 1611 Gaming(1). The game is freeware, downloadable from around the internet and free for anyone to copy or use as they see fit. AV 1611 has also produced a similar style game entitled "soldier of God."

Bible Defenders is a parody of the classic Nintendo game, "Mario Bros." Instead of your choice between the two original characters, brothers Mario and Luigi, the player chooses their character from between four notable Christian Apologists and evangelists. Dr. Carl Baugh is the director of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas(2). Dr. Kent Hovind is the founder of the Christian Science Evangelism ministry and is currently serving a 10 year prison sentence for tax fraud which he was convicted of in January of 2007. Gail Riplinger is a Christian author and biblical translator who has taught at the university level, but is the subject of heated conflict regarding the validity of her theories and work (4)(5). Peter Ruckman is an evangelical pastor in Pensacola, FL who has made some very lofty claims about himself and his work, and is renowned for his support of the King James biblical translation. Each character has a special power. Dr. Baugh can throw things, Dr. Hovind can ride a fire-breathing dinosaur, Miss Riplinger throws pretty flowers, and Ruckman scares enemies with a harsh yell.

The object of the game is to proceed through all 21 levels, each a mock-up of the Mario Bros. worlds, without being killed and while collecting golden fish. As you play, there are multiple enemies that you must either evade or kill by jumping on their heads or using your special ability. There are glowing bricks which, when hit will produce a blue fish that enables your character's special ability. Collecting gold fish increases your score, which is synonymous with your health. If your score reaches zero, you lose.

The game is fairly well made and can be challenging in regard it the maneuverability of the characters. The Mario similarities are well done, and the Christian theme is evident in various ways. The castle at the end of each level is branded with a cross, the enemies all have devil-like horns on their heads, the main characters are obvious Christian figures, though their notoriety is heavily contested within the religion. It may have been more effective to develop a game with more universally supportable and likable characters from the Bible such as Moses, Joshua, Abraham, and Jesus. All in all, the game is very basic and moderately glitchy, but it can make for an hour or two of mind-numbing fun. The religious message is a bit foggy though.