The ZigZag game suite was created by ZigZag, Inc, an e-learning software development company founded in 1996 and located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. According to the company, since creating their site they "have been helping people who want to use the Internet to study Hebrew". The website was created in 2002, underwent major renovation in 2005, and was last revised in August 2008 ("Archived Results from Jan 01, 1996 - Latest").

The suite consists of five short, Java games that center on Judaism and learning Hebrew. Although all the games are simplistic in design, they do not share a common game style. Only two games (AlefBetGo! Challenge and Why Don't Zebras Play Chess) have an end goal that is either reflected in a score or the solution to a puzzle. The remaining games focus on creation and expression through the use of various objects in the game. All of the games require some outside knowledge on Judaism or Hebrew in order to complete them. This is seen in the lack of explanation in the instructions and the short length of time that the instructions remain on the screen. Thus the games do not seem like they are recruiting people to join the faith but rather attracting people that are already Jewish.

There is not much published information regarding the company or possible connections Jewish instituions except for their own website and mission statement. Although an apparent greater connection does not exist, the games are all connected through the common theme of helping people become familiarized with the Jewish faith and in particular the Hebrew language.

The small number of games on the website indicates that creating games is not the main focus of the company. Instead the company seems more interested in promoting their web-based learning tool, newSlate, which allows teachers and students to create study materials. Although the newSlate site mentions Hebrew, for the most part the software seems targeted to all people, not just Jewish people. From this it can be assumed that the company is trying to expand and become more accessible to a more secular audience.

In summation, the ZigZag game suite is a learning tool that seems intended for Jewish people, mainly children, who are learning Hebrew.

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