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On the LDS website, within their suite of short games exists an assortment of card matching games. These are similar to the educational memory games many of us played as small children. With the LDS version however, the subjects on the cards are not colors, numbers, or farm animals, but instead one can choose between prophets (prophets and apostles of recent history, latter-day prophets (prophets from the later history of the Mormon church, including Joseph Smith himself), scripture stories, or temples (1).

Each game contains its own particular educational reinforcement. The temples version not only gives a picture of temple, but also lists its location. The prophets and Apostles versions provide the names of the respective prophets and apostles on the memory cards, and the scripture stories provide a brief description of the biblical story being pictured. For instance, a picture of Jesus with a boy on his knee is labeled, "Christ and the Children."

The game is a great time-killer. It is well built and accompanied by some soft, enjoyable music loaded onto the web page. As an added reward, the player gets to see a big picture of something relating to the game's topic upon completion of the puzzle. This really is just that though, it's more of a puzzle than a game. As I mentioned in the analysis of this game suite, this is a game/puzzle that I would expect to find in a preschool playroom or alongside a kid's menu at a Mormon restaurant.