Jericho 2 is one of 15 simple Flash games offered on It is notable for the nearly complete absence of reference to the Jericho story. Jericho 2 is Tetris without any Biblical embellishment other than the name. Different configurations of four squares fall from the top to the bottom of the screen and the player tries to guide those blocks to create horizontal lines across the screen. When a line is complete, it disappears and the player gets points. Completing more than one line with the same block greatly increases the amount of points received. It diverges from Tetris in that the blocks change color when they land to all be a uniform light brown, it has a desert landscape as its background, and there is an interesting competitive multiplayer option. The rules indicate that in the multiplayer there are ways to interrupt your opponents’ game by sending unwanted pieces to their boards. Unfortunately there was some kind of server error each time I tried to start a multiplayer game. But in the end, the winner of a multiplayer game would have won because of their Tetris skills, it is safe to say that this game is simply for fun.